Crash Test Drama Melbourne

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CTDM Season 2 – Round 3 Results

CTDM Season 2 – Round 3 - Sunday 22nd July 2012 at St Kilda MeMo Theatre.

Our fabulous Judges were: Howard Fine, Scott Major, Kestie Morassi & Holly Alexander.

The 6 plays were:



by Peter D Flaherty

Director: Peter D Flaherty

“It was said by someone wise that life contains 7 ‘ages’. If we all got to look back on our own lives, would we enjoy the journey? We laugh, cry and swoon with a modern woman and her partner”.

CONDUCTOR: Albert Goikman

RACHAEL #1 (80yrs): Adrienne Sloan

RACHAEL #2 (60yrs): Suzy Markovski

RACHAEL #3 (50yrs): Andrea McCannon

RACHAEL #4 (40yrs): Kathleen Douglas

RACHAEL #5 (28yrs): Sarah Howett

RACHAEL #6 (16yrs): Jane Flanagan

RACHAEL #7 (10yrs): Rebecca Mezei (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress)


THE VICIOUS SLOTH - Recipient of the Judges Choice Winning Play

by Andrew Dodds

Director: Andrew Dodds

“A chance encounter between a man out of luck and a man out of his mind. Could they be the answer to each others problems or could this be ten eccentric minutes in a park”.

RYAN: Lloyd Bissell (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor Award)

SEAN: Jorge Tsipos


IT’S ONLY A CORPORATE - Recipient of the Runner up Peoples Choice Award

by Lisa Emanuel

Director: Don Bridges

“A comical look at the saying ‘there are no small parts, only small actors’. Are you sure we can’t draw the line when It’s only a corporate?!”

RACHEL: Carolyn Rey

JAMES: Max Davine (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

DIRECTOR: Clara Pagone (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress Award)

CAMERAMAN: Mick LoMonaco


THREE’S COMPANY - Recipient of the Peoples Choice Award

by Trevor Godenzi

Director: Marissa Cooke

“What happens when a door to door Salesman gets more than what he bargains for? Can his product ‘measure up’ to Sylvie’s lifestyle? Is sex just for the young? Sylvie doesn’t think so!”

WOMAN: Jess Upton

SALESMAN: Karlis Zaid



by Colin Knowles

Director: Izeqiel McCoy

“This play about a meeting on a building site is about expectations and how the best prepared plans do not always eventuate”.

RAY: Josh Karlik

FRED: Paul Knox

BARRY: Dan Habberfield

CLAUDIA: Liz Velinsky


WITH A LICENCE TO LOVE - Judges Choice Special Mention Play

by Frank Handrum

Director: Frank Handrum

“A Play about new love, the complexities of life, and a total misunderstanding. But Ladies… Never say Never Again

JAMES: Adam Ward

JANE: Kathy Vongsanga


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Acclaimed LA Acting coach Howard Fine to judge at Crash Test Drama Melbourne

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                                              July, 2012

Crash Test Drama Melbourne are thrilled to announce acclaimed LA acting coach Howard Fine will join the judging panel for their event at St Kilda’s MeMo Theatre on Sunday 22 July.

Howard Fine is one of the most sought-after coaches in the entertainment industry, having personally coached Oscar winner Jennifer Connelly, Oscar nominees Brad Pitt, Michelle Williams, Salma Hayek and Golden Globe nominees Simon Baker, Rosanna Arquette, Brooke Shields and many other stars. He is currently touring Australia with his Masterclasses.

Now in its second season and gaining momentum, theatre industry event Crash Test Drama is attracting a diverse range of emerging and experienced actors, writers and directors.

Howard Fine believes strongly in the importance of independent and emerging theatre. 

"We must do all we can to support independent theatre. Actors and writers must have opportunities to develop their craft without the pressure of commercial considerations,” says Howard.

At this event, Howard Fine will also share his insights to acting and hold a Q&A session with the actors.

Joining Howard on the judging panel is Neighbours star and multitalented Actor/Writer/Producer Scott Major, as well as AWGIE-nominated and prize-winning writer Holly Alexander.

Melbourne actors and producers Emma Walmsley, Rain Fuller, Wallis Murphy-Munn and Pennie Brown launched Crash Test Drama Melbourne (CTDM) at St Kilda’s arts hub the Dogs Bar in October 2011. 

Crash Test Drama Melbourne (CTDM) is a unique event that ‘crash tests’ new 10-minute theatre scripts via moved readings, in front of a live audience and a panel of industry judges. Actors are cast at the event, and given just one hour to rehearse before taking the stage. Pioneered by Harry Paternoster and Bearing Your Arts, Crash Test Drama began in Melbourne in 2005 as a theatre networking event and an opportunity for writers to develop their scripts for Short + Sweet, the world’s largest 10-minute play festival.


When:             6:00PM, Sunday 22nd July 2012

*Actors and directors – arrive at 330PM for casting & special Howard Fine intro!* 

Where:           St Kilda MeMo Theatre, 88 Acland Street St Kilda

What:              Six of Melbourne’s best new 10 minutes plays will be on show, with some great prizes on offer for participants and audience members.

How much:    $10 – door cost contributes to prizes for the best plays, as chosen by the audience!

For more information and to get involved…




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CTDM Season 2 – Round 2 - Sunday 24th June 2012 at St Kilda MeMo.

Our three fabulous Judges were: Mark Crees, Chelsea Cassio & Julian Vincent Costanzo.

The 6 plays were:



by Luke D’emanuele

“Three drunk brother-gods accidentally create Earth”

LOLLY – Jess Upton

MOAY – Josh Karlik

NOTTY – Frank Handrum


THE HOLIDAY - Recipient of the Peoples Choice Award

by Felicity James & Helen Scott

“Julie knows what she wants. The trick will be persuading her two teenage children it’s what they want, too”

Director: Marissa Cooke

JULIE – Jacqui Stewart

SHONA – Adrienne Sloan

GAVIN – Brent Ilicic


TANGLED WEB - Recipient of the Judges Choice Winning Play

by Ross Brisbane

"What a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”

Later on, we may become good at it…

A married man, a single woman, an opportunity for change?

Or just a chance to see things the same old way…

MAN – Paul Knox (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor Award)

WOMAN – Kate Dix

CHORUS – Laura Molony (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress)


LONG WAY DOWN - Recipient of the Runner up Peoples Choice Award & Judges Choice

Special Mention Play

by Dan Haberfield

Long Way Down captures the moment where a man burdened with guilt faces the most distressing decision of his life- should he live, or die?”

RONNIE – Dan Purdey

ANGEL – Karlis Zaid


Planet Hollywood


Planet Hollywood:  A day at a mental health facility. Reg and Ralph are best mates one minute, at each other’s throats the next. Betty is a salt-of-the-earth type, takes no shit. Frances is a career/catwalk model - it’s hard to tell if he’s a bird or a bloke.”

Directed by: Sam Barrett

RALPH – Jason Walmsley

REG – Dave Kenyon

BETTY – Dominique

FRANCES – Lloyd Bissell



by Matt O’Reilly

What happens when you are trapped at one of Victoria’s most criminally notorious train stations? Would you not mind or feel forced to blend in? ‘Ringwood’ is an attempt to capture that moment while exploring some of the absurdities of identity.”

CHRIS – Ezra Bix

TRAV – Gavin Williams (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

JOHNNO (STEPHANIE) – Hannah Gott (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress Award)

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CTDM Season 2 Event 1 - Sunday 27th May 2012 at St Kilda MeMo.

Our fabulous Judges were : Harry Paternoster, Nick Bufalo & Peter Kalos

The 6 plays were:

A Quick Session by Hayley Lawson-Smith - Runner up Peoples Choice

“What happens when all our problems are solved by unfeeling machines?  One man finds out, when he seeks out an Austech Therapy Booth to discuss his depression.”

Eight Minutes by Keith Gow

“It’s the future and Adam & Eve are arguing about the end of the world.”

Start Again by Therese Cloonan Judges Choice Winning Play

Director Arthur Panagiotaras

“Are you winning at life, or do you need to start again? A mysterious couple, an innocent girl…and a LOT of questions!”

Two Locks by Mark Andrews

“A dead man’s plan. Two women, two locks, two keys, one door.”

An Easy Mistake to Make by Ian Robinson

“In this crazy farce, a secondary college principal is confronted but an astonishing demand from the students. He finally thinks he has gained the upper hand but he shouldn’t count his chickens prematurely.”

On The Shelf by Michelle Wallace – Winner People’s Choice

& Judges Special Mention Writer

“Carrot, Cauliflower and Celeriac find out that it doesn’t matter what your hopes and dreams are – sometimes you’re just destined to end up in the soup.”


Best Actor : Dan Purdey “On The Shelf”

Runner up Actor : Tom Kay “Start Again”

Best Actress : Rebecca Mezei “On The Shelf”

Runner up Actress : Wallis Murphy-Munn “Start Again”