Crash Test Drama Melbourne

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CTDM Season 2 Call out for 10 minutes Plays is on!!

Dear Writers, Actors, Directors and other Crash Test enthusiasts!

We are calling out for submissions of 10 minute play scripts to Crash Test Drama Melbourne Season 2!

If you are a writer, established or not, or an actor, director, creative, or wanting to be any of these, and want to learn more about the art of writing for the stage - send your submission in.

 The deadline for Event 1 is Saturday 12th May. So get writing!  

 Just a reminder of the writer rules;

  • One play per playwright can be ‘Crash Tested’ per season – we want to give as many writers as we can a chance 
  • You can enter as many plays as you want
  • You must email your play in PDF format to crashtest.melb@gmail.comby the specified due date
  • Your play must be under 10 minutes (1800-2500 words). We will not read plays that are clearly over ten minutes 
  •  Plays exceeding 12 minutes will be disqualified from the People’s Choice and Judges Choice Best Play award at the event
  • Make sure that your play hasn’t been performed anywhere else in the world. Reading is okay. The whole idea of Crash Test Drama is to test out new plays
  • The playwright must be present at the event (in Melbourne)
  • The playwright cannot appear in their play
  • It’s no problem if you have already entered your play to the upcoming Short + Sweet 2012 – or are going to – you can still submit it to be Crash Tested!

With a chance to workshop your ideas, hear your scripts our loud, gain constructive feedback from established industry professionals, and of course win prizes - there’s no reason not to get your scripts into us asap!

For more information and updates please join our Facebook group:!/groups/crashtest.melb/

We look forward to reading your scripts.

CTDM team

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CTDM Season 1 Finale Event - Sunday 25th March 2012 at St Kilda MeMo.

Our four fabulous Judges were : Alex Broun, Nadia Townsend, Tottie Goldsmith & Robert Mond

The 5 finalists were:


REVENGE OF THE B STORY by Alexander Gibbs

Director: Alexander Gibbs

Cast: MAN - Richard Neal & WOMAN - Jacqui Stewart

“You’re waiting at the gate with a rose in your hand. But who are you waiting for? And for that matter, who are you? And what’s with that girl who keeps staring at you? Does she know more than you do?”


A KIND OF DESTINY by Sean McIntyre

Cast: JUDAS - Karlis Zaid (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor Award), JESUS - Alex McArthur & SOLIDER - Colin Donald

Following the betrayal, Judas argues with Christ. Yet if Judas doesn’t choose this destiny, what destiny will be his to become?


DAY THREE – by Ezra Bix (Recipient of the People’s Choice Runner Up Play)

Directed by: Trent Baker

Cast: HE – James Deeth & SHE – Rain Fuller

“A comedy about romance, compatibility, amorous arousal and all those things that stop two people coming together.”


RULES OF THE GAME by Gerald Frape

Cast: MIKE - Josh Karlik, TONY - Ross Brisbane, RACHAEL - Bella Merrington & LUCY - Jessie Upton (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress Award)

“A Bar. Two men. Two women. Playing the dating game by numbers. Who wins? Who loses? What are the Rules of The Game? Find out in this hilariously sad social comedy about modern dating”


THE LAST DROP by Margaret Wilkins (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Overall Play & Recipient of the People’s Choice Best Play)

Directed by: Stuart Mannion

Cast: BECKY – Katherine Innes (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress) & ZAC – Adam Ward (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

“In a time when Australia has converted sewage into drinking water, what would you do to satisfy your thirst?  Two lucky people get the chance.”

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Crash Test Drama would like to thank AACTA and Showcast for kindly supporting our Carnivale Finale event this coming Sunday 25th March.

The Best Actor and Actress at the finale event will win a years subscription to Showcast on line, and our Winning Playwright and Director will win an AACTA yearly membership!

Runner up Actor & Actresses will also receive an AACTA membership.

Thank you Showcast and AACTA and please help support our sponsors!!

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CTDM Carnivale Finale 5 plays announced….

On 25 March come and toast the season with five 5 amazing plays for our Carnivale Finale…

A Kind of Destiny by Sean McIntyre

Rules of the Game by Gerald Frape

Revenge of the B Story by Alex Gibbs

The Last Drop by Margaret Wilkins

Day Three by Ezra Bix 
**wild card people’s choice winner, as voted by members of the CTDM Facebook group!

Cant wait to see you there!!

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Crash Test Drama Melbourne’s FINALS FACE OFF…FIVE of Melbourne’s best new short plays fight it out for the grand prize!

MEDIA RELEASE - March 2012

Theatre industry event Crash Test Drama Melbourne (CTDM) finishes off four rounds of short scripts, fast acting and quick-witted directing with a much anticipated carnival themed final. 

On Sunday 25 March St Kilda’s MeMo Hall will host the tournament where five short plays will go head to head for a chance to perform in Short + Sweet 2012! Melbourne’s theatre lovers can expect a special Carnivale Finale themed evening featuring live music and entertainment.

Crash Test Drama Melbourne (CTDM) is a unique event that ‘crash tests’ new 10-minute theatre scripts as moved readings, in front of a live audience and a panel of industry judges. In each round, actors are cast at the event, and given one hour to rehearse before taking the stage. The finals on 25 March will see actors from the winning plays in each of the four rounds, plus a people’s choice winning play, all take the stage to compete for grand prize. 

Acclaimed actress (City Homicide), writer and director Nadine Garner and CTDM judge (Round 4) sees the event as a wonderful forum for practitioners to participate in their craft and build their community.

“I found observing the writers and performers a most inspiring and uplifting experience, and I believe it will be a growing hot bed for Australian talent,” says Nadine.

AFI Award winning writer Glen Dolman (Hawke), and CTDM judge (Round 3) says that the event gives writers the chance to see their words come alive.

"I was thrilled to witness the breadth of emerging talent in Melbourne.  There’s no better education for a writer than having your work performed, and CTDM provides this in such a dynamic, critical and supportive environment,” says Glen.

Melbourne actors and producers Emma Walmsley, Rain Fuller, Wallis Murphy-Munn and Pennie Brown launched Crash Test Drama Melbourne (CTDM) at St Kilda’s arts hub the Dogs Bar in October 2011.  The event has been so successful that performances have been moved to the grand MeMo Hall, while Dogs Bar remains the hub for casting and networking.

Melbourne’s theatre lovers are encouraged to attend the CTDM Carnivale Finale, at the resplendent MeMo Hall:

When:                     6:00PM, Sunday 25 March

Where:                   MeMo Hall, 88 Acland Street St Kilda

What:                      Five of the best 10 minute plays from the last four rounds of Crash Test Drama Melbourne will be performed, with some great prizes for participants and audience members.

Live music and entertainment will add some extra fun…giving all Crash Testers the opportunity to see out CTDM Season 1 in style! 

Dress:                   Carnival themed, wear a hat!

 How much:          $10 at the door, cost contributes to prizes for the best plays, as chosen by the audience.

For more information and to get involved…





Pioneered by Harry Paternoster and Bearing Your Arts, Crash Test Drama began in Melbourne in 2005 as a theatre networking event and an opportunity for writers to develop their scripts for Short + Sweet, the world’s largest 10-minute play festival. Crash Test Drama has since grown, with Crash Test Drama Sydney launching in 2008, now a very successful event packing out Newton Theatre at monthly events.


For more information, images and interviews please contact:

Rain Fuller PH: 0432 070 301 E:

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CTDM Season 1 Event 4 - Sunday 26th February 2012 at MeMo Hall, St Kilda

Our three fabulous Judges were : Nadine Garner, Andrew Thompson & Lisa Maroun

The 6 plays were:

WAREHOUSE – by Matt O’Reilly

Directed by: Matt O’Reilly

Cast: ROB – Jerge Tsijios, STEVE – Karlis Zaid (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor), PAULINE PETERSON – Tanya Brannovic & STRANGER/PETER PAULSON – Luke Prendergast

A situational comedy, exploring the potential paranoia that can develop for people in an isolated work place. But of course, it’s a little more absurd than that.


FOLDING LAUNDRY – by Steve Zelko

Directed by: Steve Zelko

Cast: OLDER WOMAN – Tania Knight, OLDER MAN – Richard Neal, YOUNG WOMAN – Libby Brockman & YOUNG MAN – Dave Kenyon

"A short play about people realising the memories we’ve lived aren’t always the moments we’ve shared"


THE LAST DROP -  by Margaret Wilkins (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Overall Play & Recipient of the People’s Choice Runner Up Best Play)

Directed by: Stuart Mannion

Cast: BECKY – Katherine Innes (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress) & ZAC – Adam Ward (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

In a time when Australia has converted sewage into drinking water, what would you do to satisfy your thirst?   Two lucky people get the chance.”


WAITING ROOM – by Tom McCathie (Recipient of the Judges Choice Encouragement Award)

Director: Tom McCathie

Cast: ONE – Sean Paisley Collins, TWO – Dennis Manahan, THREE – Don Bridges, FOUR – Saara Lamberg, FIVE – Tamuz Ellazam, SIX – Paul Knox & CLIPBOARD PERSON – Kristin Sargent

Urg, Waiting rooms, the heavy silence, the awkward fidgeting. Why don’t people just talk to each other?


BIRD SONG – by Christabel Taylor Brown

Director: Christabel Taylor Brown

Cast: THE BIRD – Rebecca Mezei, MARIE – Jana Wilkes, NARRATOR – Chester Drife & NEIGHBOUR – Emily Hatton

“Once upon a very different time, a magical bird is tasked with the ability to reveal everyone’s deepest secrets. This isn’t the safest job in the world.”


IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE – by Ezra Bix (Recipient of the People’s Choice People’s Choice Best Play)

Director: Doug Montgomery

Cast: HE – James Deeth & SHE – Rain Fuller (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress)

“A comedy about romance, compatibility, amorous arousal and all those things that stop two people coming together.”