Crash Test Drama Melbourne

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CTDM Season 1 Round 3 - Sunday 22nd January 2012 at the MeMo Hall, St Kilda and was proudly supported by Dog’s Bar

Our three fabulous Judges were : Play-wright : Alex Broun, Screen Writer : Glen Dolman & TV Director : Jet Wilkinson

The 8 plays were:

TIMING - by Bridget Burton

Directed by: Bridget Burton

Cast: POLITICIAN - Christina Castyer, AD EXECUTIVE - Max Divine, PRESSURE GROUP REP - Ariel Valent & MEMBER OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC - Sean Collins

"What do you get when you have a Politician, an advertising executive, a pressure group advocate and a member of the general public in one room? Nothing quantifiable. A short play about getting nothing done."


TWO TODAYS - by Colin Donald

Directed by: Christine Husband

Cast: NORM - Benn Skender, TOM - Broden Kelly & TODD - Nicolette Minster

"Wednesday? Thursday? Wednesday? Thursday? How can you choose a day to live over when you are one of the world’s most boring men?"


DO OYSTERS HAVE IDEAS? -  Cerise De Gelder

Directed by: Ivan Tinoco

Cast: JULIE - Charity Shaw (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress), MIKE - Ezra Bix & ALIX - Suzy Markovski

Julie could have the wrong end of the stick. Mike might be playing for the wrong team.  Alix could be barking up the wrong tree.  But can three wrongs make a Mr Right? Maybe oysters have the right idea”


RULES OF THE GAME by Gerald Frape (Recipient of the People’s Choice Runner Up Best Play)

Director: Mitch Forrester

Cast: MIKE - Josh Karlik, TONY - Ross Brisbane, RACHAEL - Bella Merrington & LUCY - Jessie Upton

“A Bar. Two men. Two women. Playing the dating game by numbers. Who wins? Who loses? What are the Rules of The Game? Find out in this hilariously sad social comedy about modern dating”


LOVE ABIDING by Linc Hasler

Director: Debra Low

Cast: MICKY - Nathaniel Kelly, SUSAN - Katherine Innes (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress), FEMALE NURSE - Mifa Anderson, MALE NURSE - Andrew Dodds

"Sometimes the greatest challenge you may have to face is admitting to yourself, that the love of your life is the one thing in your life, you can’t handle”


REVENGE OF THE B STORY by Alexander Gibbs (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best overall play & People’s Choice Winner)

Director: Alexander Gibbs

Cast: MAN - Richard Neal (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor) & WOMAN - Jacqui Stewart

“You’re waiting at the gate with a rose in your hand. But who are you waiting for? And for that matter, who are you? And what’s with that girl who keeps staring at you? Does she know more than you do?”


SIRRAH by Karlis Zaid

Director: Karlis Zaid

Cast: RODNEY - Adam Ward (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor), RIC - Brad Williams & JENNIFER - Lisa Emanuel

A brief satire, inspired by a certain Federal government initiative. Perfect fare for the Royal Shakespeare Company……….or not.”


THE PARTY by Paul Knox (Recipient of the Judges Choice Encouragement Award)

Director: Paul Knox

Cast: MAN - Tom Lawson & WOMAN - Kate Dix

It’s your classic story of boy meets girl – pants optional.”