Crash Test Drama Melbourne

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CTDM Season 1 Finale Event - Sunday 25th March 2012 at St Kilda MeMo.

Our four fabulous Judges were : Alex Broun, Nadia Townsend, Tottie Goldsmith & Robert Mond

The 5 finalists were:


REVENGE OF THE B STORY by Alexander Gibbs

Director: Alexander Gibbs

Cast: MAN - Richard Neal & WOMAN - Jacqui Stewart

“You’re waiting at the gate with a rose in your hand. But who are you waiting for? And for that matter, who are you? And what’s with that girl who keeps staring at you? Does she know more than you do?”


A KIND OF DESTINY by Sean McIntyre

Cast: JUDAS - Karlis Zaid (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor Award), JESUS - Alex McArthur & SOLIDER - Colin Donald

Following the betrayal, Judas argues with Christ. Yet if Judas doesn’t choose this destiny, what destiny will be his to become?


DAY THREE – by Ezra Bix (Recipient of the People’s Choice Runner Up Play)

Directed by: Trent Baker

Cast: HE – James Deeth & SHE – Rain Fuller

“A comedy about romance, compatibility, amorous arousal and all those things that stop two people coming together.”


RULES OF THE GAME by Gerald Frape

Cast: MIKE - Josh Karlik, TONY - Ross Brisbane, RACHAEL - Bella Merrington & LUCY - Jessie Upton (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress Award)

“A Bar. Two men. Two women. Playing the dating game by numbers. Who wins? Who loses? What are the Rules of The Game? Find out in this hilariously sad social comedy about modern dating”


THE LAST DROP by Margaret Wilkins (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Overall Play & Recipient of the People’s Choice Best Play)

Directed by: Stuart Mannion

Cast: BECKY – Katherine Innes (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress) & ZAC – Adam Ward (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

“In a time when Australia has converted sewage into drinking water, what would you do to satisfy your thirst?  Two lucky people get the chance.”