Crash Test Drama Melbourne

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CTDM Season 2 – Round 2 - Sunday 24th June 2012 at St Kilda MeMo.

Our three fabulous Judges were: Mark Crees, Chelsea Cassio & Julian Vincent Costanzo.

The 6 plays were:



by Luke D’emanuele

“Three drunk brother-gods accidentally create Earth”

LOLLY – Jess Upton

MOAY – Josh Karlik

NOTTY – Frank Handrum


THE HOLIDAY - Recipient of the Peoples Choice Award

by Felicity James & Helen Scott

“Julie knows what she wants. The trick will be persuading her two teenage children it’s what they want, too”

Director: Marissa Cooke

JULIE – Jacqui Stewart

SHONA – Adrienne Sloan

GAVIN – Brent Ilicic


TANGLED WEB - Recipient of the Judges Choice Winning Play

by Ross Brisbane

"What a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive”

Later on, we may become good at it…

A married man, a single woman, an opportunity for change?

Or just a chance to see things the same old way…

MAN – Paul Knox (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actor Award)

WOMAN – Kate Dix

CHORUS – Laura Molony (Recipient of the Judges Choice Best Actress)


LONG WAY DOWN - Recipient of the Runner up Peoples Choice Award & Judges Choice

Special Mention Play

by Dan Haberfield

Long Way Down captures the moment where a man burdened with guilt faces the most distressing decision of his life- should he live, or die?”

RONNIE – Dan Purdey

ANGEL – Karlis Zaid


Planet Hollywood


Planet Hollywood:  A day at a mental health facility. Reg and Ralph are best mates one minute, at each other’s throats the next. Betty is a salt-of-the-earth type, takes no shit. Frances is a career/catwalk model - it’s hard to tell if he’s a bird or a bloke.”

Directed by: Sam Barrett

RALPH – Jason Walmsley

REG – Dave Kenyon

BETTY – Dominique

FRANCES – Lloyd Bissell



by Matt O’Reilly

What happens when you are trapped at one of Victoria’s most criminally notorious train stations? Would you not mind or feel forced to blend in? ‘Ringwood’ is an attempt to capture that moment while exploring some of the absurdities of identity.”

CHRIS – Ezra Bix

TRAV – Gavin Williams (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actor)

JOHNNO (STEPHANIE) – Hannah Gott (Recipient of the Judges Choice Runner up Best Actress Award)